It all started back in 2011 for both of us… two random girls, joining a random Friends and Family team based out of Somerville, MA, with one common goal: to END MS.

Through the years we became friends, saw each other at the Cape Cod Getaway, and followed each other on Facebook.  But it was at the 12 Bars of Christmas annual Team Velox Rota pub crawl in 2016 that set this friendship sailing.  Both not drinking, and responsible for all the cash flowing into the team that evening, we began planning on what adventures could be ahead of us!  Participating in more rides, time, and doing other activities together, we knew something big was in store!

So it truly began after Rachael returned from Alabama (the Alabama Challenge ride and Tour de Beach) in September, and told Dayle she just had to do it next year with her… the following month in October, Rachael began her search for her new bike.  They both headed to Southbridge Bicycles, TVR’s bike shop sponsor, to talk with Jon Steppic (owner) about options.  Rachael was still completely up in the air about what to get, but it was that same day that Dayle walked out purchasing a brand new LIV Avail Advanced, something completely unexpected from that visit!  It wasn’t until the end of November when Rachael made her decision, and went with the LIV Envie Advanced.

This is what kicked everything into gear!  The planning had already begun as the two mapped out the next five years.  The year changed, the two continued the plans, bikes came in, and the weather was just not cooperating.  In March, the two decided that it was time to do something more… blog, get sponsors, connections and go big.  That is when 2girls, 2 bikes, 50 states was born.

Follow our blog to continue to watch the story grow.  Read about our own individual stories as well, and our connection to MS.