Fit yo KIT 2 at Southbridge Bicycles

Today was a big day. Huge. First, it was our TVR FitYoKit2 at Southbridge Bicycles (one of our fabulous sponsors, ala Jon Steppic) with Liv/Giant bike demos (Chris is the man) and new kit fit with our new sponsor, Primal Wear, (shout out to Stephen!). Ron ‘Pediln Ron’ Tifosi rep and Bicycle Talk podcast and 91.7 WHUS FM radio show host came out to say hi and brought some Tifosi selects to try on (thank you also to Jorge), and Cake Gypsy (Avon, CT) donated cupcakes for our cookout. We had a few goals today. Have a good outside ride, recruit 10 new riders, get the new kit all squared away, get the finishing touches on our new bikes, and have a great cookout bike season opener at Southbridge Bicycles. Well, we got most of them.
The group ride rolled out at 10am on what was the first nice day in New England since January. We (ok, I) had high hopes for an awesome ride outside today. We (again, me) were determined to get out there and put the training and FTPs to work. It’s been mostly trainer rides for us; putting in the hours in the basement/inside on the trainer and in the gym so we were looking forward to finally getting outside. Rachael’s been fortunate to get out a few times already. I haven’t been outside since November. Crazy, right? I carbed the hell out of myself last night and this morning, in the zone all ready to go. Rachael and the TVR crew rocked a 23 miler while I rocked 4. Yup. 4. My left pedal and cleat were not cooperating. I kissed the ground and ended up taking a newbie in the parking lot to practice clipping in and out so she can be ready for CCG in June while Jon worked his magic. Rachael, making sure everyone was ok and together, turned around to take a quick headcount and hit the curb with some road rash with 1/8 of a mile to go. We’re both ok. This is post #2, and you’ll catch on quick…never a dull moment with the two of us.
Aside from the ride, what an awesome day. We had a great recruiting day with TVR- at least 8 new riders joining us for the Cape Cod Getaway (CCG) on June 30. We set a goal of 10. Win. Southbridge Bicycle’s doors were open all day and had some sales, and spent the day with friends old and new. We told our 2 girls, 2 bikes, 50 states story and our WHY to for a local new write up, met with our sponsors, and got our bikes all squared away for Texas. Great response on the new TVR kit by Primal Wear from everyone.
Next up on the list – how the hell do we get our bikes into our bike boxes for Texas? When the hell can we ride outside again? 12 days to go. We got this!

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