Butt’r Makes it Better

Wow! Thanks Judi from Chamois Butt’r for hooking Dayle and I up for 2018 of our journey! Based on our initial conversation last week, I was expecting a few tubes to cover us for the rides… but I think it’s safe to say we are set for training as well! Thank you!

I highly recommend Chamois Butt’r on the bike. They offer larger options, the tubes you see in the below picture as well as on the go packets! There is also the stick that I’m super excited to try, and washing my kit in the kit wash from now on! Although I love my sport wash detergent, a wash designed for the Lycra in our kit seems the better way to go!

Visit your local bike shop (@Southbridge Bicycles) for your Chamois Butt’r!

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