Primal and Gratitude

Winding down after a looonnngggg day with some RHONY.  Came home to a package on the door step and at first couldn’t remember if I had ordered something from Amazon, or not. Nope.  It was Stephen from Primal Wear, who generously sent some Primal Wear swag to rock on the plane, pre-, and post-ride, and we can’t thank him enough. Thank you Stephen!!  We’ll definitely be rocking our Traceuse hoodies, Source cropped leggings, and tanks in Texas next weekend. And watch out when our new Primal TVR kit arrives – so exciting. As I write this, I am wondering how to incorporate the hoodie into casual Friday 🙂

But seriously, I am taking a few minutes tonight to reflect on how crazy the past few weeks have been while this has all come together. The support and help that people have offered to make this happen is insurmountable. And so fast. If you’re out there reading this…thank you!

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