Hydration in Houston

While it’s raining here today in New England, it is high 70s low 80s in Texas! It will be a drastic change on Friday when we arrive in Houston. Wow, one more day left! I cannot believe it is already here! My bike is packed, me not so much; where as Dayle is packed and her bike not so much!

So back to the change in weather. My biggest concern is dehydration Bc the sun is going to be so hot and and suck even more water out of our body. Thankfully we were hooked up by Tony and the team at Skratch Labs! enough electrolytes to keep us going for the entire 2018 bikeMS season! We will for sure need that hyper hydration this weekend. Packed enough and then some. BikeMS is awesome because do have food and drinks at every rest stop, but we all have choice of electrolytes and food while we ride. For years I’ve been packing my own stuff, that’s why the skratch singles are perfect. Now to make sure everything fits for 102 miles, we are a long way from home!

Huge glass of water and to bed. The journey begins tomorrow night!

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