500 and Velofix

Big scary goal alert! 😆

Tomorrow morning we head to the airport for Houston. So crazy! I can’t believe the amount of support and friends we’ve made along the way and we technically haven’t started the journey yet! Had to pack everything last night and today which ended up being a white-knuckle ride with my crazy work schedule. I thought I was efficient packing last night until Tonight when Rachael pointed out my 8 sports bras and 4 pairs of cycling shorts. Huh?

Also, in what ended up being a weird day, Texas may not have happened if it weren’t for Guenther from Velofix today. He totally saved the day. I literally ran out to him in between meetings to get my bike packed. You can’t see in the picture but I’m wearing black Nikes. 😂

So back to the big scary goal…Texas is a big deal because it’s the first of the 50 states. The journey starts now. This is it. Our goal is to get our story out to500 new people by the end of the weekend. There should be 13,000 riders this weekend….170 miles on the bike. Plenty of time to make friends, right?

Good night 😘

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