I’m doing drafting

The comment of the day: “I’m doing drafting”….overheard by fellow BPMS150 rider 😂

We got out late this morning so we didn’t get to start with the Top 300/VIP/Passport riders… not cool when there are 13,000 riders! Oh well.. we started rolling at 7:20am (instead of 645am🤪), but rolled out with another LIV girl! We rode with Jeri and Jon to the lunch stop, but my calf (the one that I’m having surgery on in July) started to bother me a bit so we had to keep rolling our pace.

“On your left” was used a bit on the “hills”. We felt right at home with the rolling hills and cruised at about 25 mph for a good part with an overall average of about 17.5 mph. With the heat, crowd, and a few mechanical issues, we still squeaked out our goal to cross the finish line under 6 hours. Not bad for our first ride coming out of training in 34 degree weather last week! We were really good about hydration and nutrition. Reminding each other , especially toward the end gulping every few minutes.

Crossed the finish line, parked our bikes and headed right over to our friends at the Primal tent. We are pretty lucky to have had the welcome to hang out with them! Pat Mayben truly is one of the best! The shower trucks were nothing compared to what we get for CCG, no changing area and hotter then hell!

Got to see Ed again! Planning on riding with him and Eduardo tomorrow for a little.

Made our way to the top 300, had some Mexican and some amazing ice cream! Finally got to see Mynette again as well! Great high point to the day! Also met Gena, head of PR for the entire society! She and Mynette used to work together also, ironic! Hopefully we will get a little press tomorrow for 2girls,2bikes,50states!

It’s time for bed, 4am will be here fast! Night from Le Grange, Texas! Next post in Austin!

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