Branded by Thirteen Fit Apparel

Here it is… our branded look! Our ideas came to life by the one and only Paige Festa, Owner + Designer of Thirteen Fit Apparel.

I met Paige at a CrossFit competition back in October 2016, and instantly knew she’d become Team Velox Rota’s new designer for our T-shirt’s. Not only did she design our amazing shirts for CCG 2017, but she also redesigned Climb to the Top and MuckFest as well as the Cape Cod Getaways shirt for 2017! Of course Paige has also designed 2018 TVR shirts for all 3 events!

When 2girls came to life a little over a month ago, we knew that the only person to help brand us, social media logos, shirts, biz cards and whatever else we decide to brand over the course of the next 5 years. (Speaking of 5 years, when we are done with the US, we plan on heading to Canada and Europe!)

The initial plan was the maze because we loved CCGs shirt and it truly represents a journey and that’s for sure what we are doing. A few changes as Paige created the design and we landed on this!

Wanting variety and a little pop the navy and orange stuck!! Get ready, Paige is about to mock up our first round of shirts for pre order to support us in our fundraising efforts!

Interested in a shirt?! Shoot us a message!! Looking to create your own look, team shirt, or wanna check out what Paige has to offer head to or you can email Paige ~

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