Blog name, what are we calling this again πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

We told you there is always an adventure to our journey… we came up with a great name yesterday, failed to write it down, and now we don’t remember what it was! Lots to share in this one!! 😊

Saturday we had grand visions of banging out a 50-miler. We rolled out at 9am with a temperature of 90 degrees. We had plenty of Skratch on hand to carry us through.

Our plans quickly changed when I experienced my first tubeless-flat. Thank God for Jon at Southbridge Bicycles. We talked it through first with Jon on the phone and were able to get back to my place leaving is at a 26.5 miler. With the heat we were ok with that. My good friend came by and showed Dayle and I how to get the tubeless tire off, sealed, changed, and tire back on. In the heat- what a workout. In a weird way we were glad it happened because now we know what to do when it happens again.

With the flat behind us, it was time to get the raffle and silent auction prizes together for our fundraiser Corks for MS (quick plug- it’s next weekend, tickets still available!). Lots of running around to get tablecloths, baskets, gift bags, and putting it all together.

There were a few minutes where it was touch and go, but in the end we got it done and celebrated with heavy pours of Rose while listening to the recording of our visit to Pedalin Ron’s Bicycle Talk Radio Show. We’ll share the link with you soon. It was great to share our story with Ron and Fran. They’re the best! The podcast is on iTunes…check out prior episodes!

Sunday morning we got up early and cranked through the Murph workout PLUS 50 burpees. Savage.

As a reward, we got our brunch on at Blue Plate Kitchen (BPK). Nom nom nom….

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all! See you next weekend for the fundraiser and State #2, Connecticut! 😘

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