It’s Podcast Day!!

Happy Friday! May came and went so fast, right?! No MS rides in May, but we bounced back from the flu, got some training rides in, and are officially ready for the Corks for MS Fundraiser and the Praxair off the Chain ride in Windsor CT this weekend (State #2- yay!). Wine and bourbon tasting tickets are still available for Saturday! Hint Hint!  That link will take you right where you need to go!

By far the coolest thing we did in May was a few weeks ago when we ventured out to UCONN to spend some time with Peddlin’ Ron and Fran on WHUS Bicycle Talk. It just dropped on iTunes today, so check it out and share with friends. You can also tune in to WHUS or listen on WHUS.ORG.

It was definitely a first for us; lots of rules like no swearing, no prices/money, no call to action, etc so we were super careful at first with answers (ok, I was super careful- ha) but toward the end our extroverted selves were shining through (i.e. FYI – Skratch is great when you have the flu). Still can’t believe I said that. Oh wait- yes I totally can! It was great to tell our story, highlight the work we are doing for MS, and to just talk about bikes and cycling in general.

A huge shoutout and thank you to Ron and Fran for making us feel welcome and letting us share our story and what we are setting out to do! Give it a listen and spread the word!

See you in Connecticut!



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