Corks for MS

we did it… although it wasn’t what we were hoping for, we gained so much out of the inaugural event. We look forward to growing it over the years.

First and foremost thank you so much to our amazing sponsors! Thank you Matt for agreeing to host the event and Kevin for all the hard work and energy that you put into making it a success, and the rest of the Maximum Beverage team!

Who all had those amazing bacon wrapped Brussel sprouts?! Yum! Pam thank you so much for representing Popovers! Next time no peeling eggs!

Burgundy wine red velvet?! Blueberry macarons! 😋 make a trip to the Cake Gypsy to try all the other amazing sweet treats, Deanna pulls new things out of her sleeve all the time!

A huge thank you goes out to my second family, the Brel’s. They have been supporting my efforts for all 7 years of raising funds to fightMS. But this year blew me away! Especially those yummy salmon crudités! Thank you to the awesome chefs at Juniper HomeCare.

To all of our wine vendors – thank you! We look forward to many more events in the future together! A special extra thank you to Lauren and 90+, your continued support means so much to us. As a long time sponsor of Team Velox Rota, we cannot thank you enough! Especially providing all of the wine for the silent auction items as well!!

And thank you to our huge list of donors for auction and raffle prizes. Your dedication to the fight means a lot!

Friends, family and good people that came to taste wine to fight MS, you rock, you are our rock! Without you the event would have been a flop! See you at the next one!

If you didn’t see the awesome story Ronni wrote about us in check it out!

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