State #2…. Connecticut

the bandana completed its 2 state… and the names are growing. Please send us your champion so we can carry them with us.

CT ride was lots of fun. We got to ride with Adam Noga and Jon Steppic (Road Dawgs) it was great to have our Sponsor there with us, owner of Southbridge Bicycles. Never thought we’d actually get to pedal 50 miles with them! And let me tell you, Jon’s slingshot was kind of amazing! Michael you’ll have to do that for me at CCG ok!

post ride we had quite the adventure the 4 of us. Piled in to the Southbridge van with 3 tents, 4 tables, 4 bikes, 2 people and lots of beer, wine and food… well…. sums it up right there!

Made it back to my place and we celebrated at the pool. It was a perfect end to the day. Confirmed, we will be having a team ride and pool party before the summer is over (well Jon decided!)

3 days and we head to Rhode Island for Ride the Rhode – state #3! Looking forward to seeing the water on this ride!!

Xo D and R

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