Hey kids, want some candy ðŸ¤£ðŸ¤ª

State #3 completed! Rhode Island ✔️

We showed up at University of Rhode Island prompt at 4pm for check in. It’s always great showing up to a ride within your own chapter and seeing all the familiar faces. Robin and her crew always make you feel like you are home and taken care of that’s for sure.

We finally found our way to the dorm, headed to the 5 floor, walked around the entire floor and got to the corner “apartment”, 520. We walked in, and there we were standing in our eating area/kitchen. Dayle and I scored a suite for the weekend living college life! Thanks Lauren! We each had our own bathroom/shower and own room!

We were starving so we headed up to the hill to the restaurant and stores. Had Thai food, grabbed a bubble tea (and some big straws for me to replace the ones I grabbed last year with the Mills!) and went into CVS to get us breakfast foods and water. Unfortunately now we were on a hunt for bananas! We stopped in ever store in the center then headed out to a market for last resort!

Saturday morning, day 1. Both of us woke up extra early, but we’re both still not feeling it. But we were here and going to ride. Options were 35,75,100… we rode 50! We crossed the finish line and no one was around. Don’t think they assumed that people would be back that fast 🤦🏻‍♀️ so we headed to room, showered and came back down for massage, pictures, lunch and head out.

We headed to Warwick to check out bike shops and yummies on the water! Even got to test ride an electric bike the one thing I was mostly looking forward to at Ride the Rhode was the candlelight ceremony. I was so happy to have Dayle there with me, and looking forward to have her and more teammates together up in Maine in August for it! It truly makes you remember why you are there. It reminded us just 3 states in why we are being activists on this journey for MS. then I got a great surprise! A childhood friend from home, well one of my brothers friends, came by to visit us. I haven’t seen Stefanie in forever. But thanks to Facebook we have never fell out of touch! There’s something really special with having someone visit while you are traveling. Lauren in Texas, and Stefanie in RI. (My parents at finish line in CT – and they will be there in MA at the CCG and Dayle’s parents are riding with us).

Sunday morning rolled around and it was day 2 ride time… 40 miles, shower and get out of there. That was the game plan. sorry this post is boring! I didn’t want to forget another day, but I had my leg needled today and I’m so out of it!

Of course Dayle and I celebrated state 3!

we are going to start talking about a lot more than just what happens on a weekend. Like nutrition throughout the week, clothing, training, life stigmas etc. if there’s something you want us to talk about let us know!

Ps! Pre order opens on June 22!

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