Taking care of your body

When we think of taking care of our body, we think of rest, rehydrate and recover. Get out the foam roller, trigger point balls and any other object to release those tight muscles and relax the body.

Two weeks tomorrow will be 7 years since I had my right ankle operated on. I created so much damage of the years of playing soccer that it was finally time to repair my years of fun. I pedaled 150 miles in my very first bikeMS ride from from Quincy to Provincetown, with my ankle taped for support, and many tears in my eyes! But I did what I set out to do, then let my body recover after. But my recovery post surgery was cut short due to job transfer and I wasn’t able to continue with my physical therapist.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago Monday. I was picking my dad up at PT to do some things with him and I was chatting it up with one of my therapists from 7 years ago (PTSMC all love the Bubbs family!). Emily started talking to me about dry needling (if it was anything like a tattoo I’ve got this). That Thursday the needling began. We tested out 6 points. I had state 3 with Dayle that weekend and I definitely could feel the start of a difference.

Last week, Emily went to town on my entire right leg. Monday I couldn’t walk when she was finished. I felt like I had a completely dead leg. No strength, tight muscles, a very uncomfortable feeling. It actually made me feel pretty sick to my stomach the pain I was feeling. I woke up Tuesday and still felt the pain so went for a lot of walks to just move those muscles around. Wednesday morning I headed back to Tyler English Fitness to train as my leg had all of its mobility back and the muscles finally had movement in them again!

Went back that Wednesday after training in the am for more. Not really sure why I voluntarily just go back! Except each time parts of my muscles just keep getting better. My leg was so tight and jacked up feeling from years of cycling and continuing to train that it was time to take care of it. This time after I went for some baby walks to keep the muscles going, I got in some Epsom salt and soaked to help heal those muscles with some heat. Smartest idea I had! Thursday went to TEF and had an amazing workout!

And then came yesterday! Kristen had the privilege of working on me. First, every therapist no matter what has different techniques. What Emily was doing clearly had been working for me. But I truly believe the combo of the way these two work I’m going to be a completely new woman. Well my leg will be new feeling! I tread water in the pool after. Walked back and forth, did anything to keep my leg completely going under water. I was in too much pain out of water, but submerged 👌🏼

Here I am sitting on a foam roller writing this post, and thinking 🤔 where was needling before now?! It hurts I’m not going to lie. It’s an uncomfortable awkward weird feeling you get. But you know when you get that feeling that they hit the right spot and are treating it. My leg is still very tight, but think about it, it’s an entire leg they are treating, not just one localized spot. Most people don’t get “attacked” in this many locations at one time! But I highly highly recommend dry needling as a treatment.

Dayle and I promised ourselves that after every ride, we would spend time stretching and foam rolling. Now for CCG, it’s get back, down our protein, shower, and hit the massage table right away… and sign up for VIP massages this year too since we deserve it! But I want it to be known how excited I am to have Cherie working on me in less than 2 weeks. Once a year I get this! I’m having another needling session next Wednesday and Cherie at the end of day 1! That combo is perfect.

Take care of your body no matter what sport you are participating in. I put off this treatment for too many years and created more work for my therapists on it. It’s a process especially with certain muscles in the leg. Treat your body with respect. Drink lots of water, take time to do nothing for 30 minutes here and there a day, soak if you can once a week, and get massages, especially if you are doing endurance sports! There’s no one to blame but yourself. I take the blame for my leg, but with the miles ahead I need to do something now to feel stronger in the long run!

check out how many different muscles our legs actually have! And they all work together

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