Rain rain go away

A week late with this update! Life sure has gotten the best of the both of us.

But better late then never right?

it started with randomly 😉meeting up at the New Hampshire welcome center. Thanks Rachel for snapping the funny photo of the two of us.

When we got to University of New England in Biddeford Maine, we decided to walk a mile or so down to the ocean. Must be nice for all the students to have the water that close! Dayle and I both went to school in western New York, and had the lakes around us, but I’d say it just isn’t the same.

we also had to mark our spot! we checked in and brought everything up to our dorm suite and then Lucinda showed up and we headed downtown for dinner. There were a lot of cyclists at the pub we went to. loved the way the light hit this tower.

set up and ready for great Maine getaway

We got incredible lucky. Rain was in the forecast for the day. Not a drop during the entire ride. jess and her fiancé were in from Colorado! Josie Benassi is truly one of the strongest women I know living with MS. She continues to pedal her tandem bike at all the GNE rides with her husband Joe! the Bush compound is right around the corner from where we took this picture. the bean boot even was at the finish

we went into Kennebunkport for lunch as a team. A team that sticks together raises more dollars together or something like that. Ps so proud of Pete for finishing his first 50mile ride for bikeMS! 🚴🏼‍♂️🧡thanks Joe for rocking the 2girls2bikes50states T-shirt for us! You and Josie are amazing. It was a wonderful evening at the candlelight ceremony. This truly is an event that reminds you why we are all out there riding #iloveyouAB 🧡

and this ones for you Jon! Rockin our Southbridge Bicycle Road Dawg t-shirts!

We will be riding next weekend in New Hampshire for our 9th state. Many of our teammates from TVR will be joining us!

Thank you for continuing to support us. Our bandana is growing. We would love for you to spread the word on our travels. If you have a champion that you’d like for us to ass their name to our bandana please let us know.

We will be sharing Micah’s story when we travel now as well. Micah touched our hearts in Texas. His book has recently been published. We will be joining forces sharing his story in the states we visit. Josie Benassi was our first recipient of Micah’s Story.. who will be touched in New Hampshire 🤷🏻‍♀️

👍🏼 us on Facebook & Instagram. And hopefully wherever we travel to next we will have to opportunity to meet you!

Xoxo Dayle and Rachael

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