When life gets in the way

It’s crazy how time flies. One week ago we had finished state 9, New Hampshire. Life sure happened between work and moving, moving and work. From talking everyday to not having talked since last Saturday… blogging and posting was easy, and now it’s hard to find the time to get it in. But we are still here! But we also promise you we will not be as prompt as we were before, unless we have an airplane or car ride together when we can get it done right away.

Life, it happens.

It seemed as though all we got to do was travel and ride our bikes, but you’ll now see the reality of how we live!

Adulting sucks!

There will be work travel, moving, business meetings, holidays and so much more through September that we may completely forget about our followers as we are engulfed into the next 4 weeks.

We are truly sorry!

We are very thankful of the support you all have given us. It means a lot.

So since our schedules are about to take a crazy turn, we will be posting blogs from others, stuff we can all learn from. Stuff that will benefit us each day.

There may even be days of just an inspirational quote.

But we do not want to desert you, like it’s been the last few weeks. Life is about to get even more busy then what it’s been.

Our next ride: Nations Capital down in Virginia. We will be riding with Passport friends, a few TVR members will be joining us, and we may even get to see some of my old friends from when I lived in Arlington.

A new champion to join our support from the NH Seacoast ride:

And a HUGE congrats to Candace for riding in her first bikeMS ride!

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