PR for MS!

PR as in Amp Human Performance Personal Recovery Lotion with sodium bicarbonate, that is.

Our secret weapon on and off the bike.

We’ve been using this since the beginning (formerly known as Topical Edge) and we are so excited that our secret weapon has a new name, Amp Human Performance! Before and after every ride, we can be found slathering this on our legs. It helps reduce soreness and fatigue by neutralizing acid that builds up in muscles. Even after intense training sessions at the gym, it’s been a life saver. The best is foam rolling and stretching after an application before bed or even mixed in with a post-ride massage.


If you haven’t checked them out, watch the video below and visit today and use CODE TE2AMP for 20% off!

PR Lotion fights fatigue and soreness, do more of what you love and feel great doing it!

How else would we have such big smiles on our faces after pushing 160 miles in 2 days of sweltering 90 degree heat?



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