Bring your life…

That’s an understatement! Since this journey has turned into our life, and our bikes allow us to complete this journey, there is only 1 way to get it all to each destination!

This next sponsorship started because we’ve gotten carried away with matching with everything!

Rewind a few months to before we were taking off for Texas for state 1, our first ride of the season and the first flight! We refused to rent bikes, did the math out… use a bike shipping company or fly with our bikes. Since JetBlue offered to sponsor us by flying our bikes (that will be a different post), it was a no brainer to purchase bike cases. Not a lot of time to spare we got them in, but needed major help packing the bikes in! (also check out our awesome Primal hoodies)

We followed up with Thule on how awesome their bike cases are, how easy it is to load and unload our bikes it seemed fitting to have them get on board with luggage!

Thule makes awesome travel duffel bags! The 70L Chasm bag holds so much, and even comes with a laundry bag, which is perfect for all the riding gear! And we love carrying them like a backpack, especially when we have our awesome EnRoute computer backpack! We just so happen to make the MS colors work out with the 2 bags!

The durability of the bags are awesome and clean nicely!

Next on the list: new bike racks!

With today being the busiest travel day of the year, we recommend, even though the day is over, consider Thule for your travel necessities. Black Friday is only 2 days away. Add a roller suitcase for a loved one, a stroller for that new mom or a daypack for yourself!

Check them out at

Let us know what you think!

Happy Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒπŸ

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