How to stay hydrated on the bike in extreme heat.

Skratch. That’s how.

We’ve mentioned Texas before but what’s one more time? Back in April, we tackled State 1, Texas, a 2 day ride from Houston to Austin. When we flew out of Boston, it was snowing. So as you can imagine, the number of outdoor training were few. Maybe a few miles outside if any at all. Ok so we get everything off the plane and bike gear is ok in the end (separate story). We pretty much immediately started hydrating with Skratch because it was in the 80s when we landed in Houston. We started with the anytime hydration on the plane which sucks the water out of you anyway.

You can’t really see it but there were definitely flakes in the sky. 😁

Our Skratch stash 👍

We were careful with the stops for hydration and Skratch energy chews. In fact, so much so that sunscreen was an afterthought 😮😬 The sport and super helped tremendously. We had two bottles with us on our bikes- never let them get empty. One for water and one for Skratch. Once the heat kicked in, they both were Skratch. The last 15 miles were brutal- mainly because we hadn’t been on our bikes for that long this early in the season and we weren’t used to the heat but we’re convinced that it wouldn’t have turned out that way without the Skratch. It ultimately came down to being really careful to replace what we were losing.

Can’t have smiles after that heat without proper nutrition!

Fast forward a few days when we were back home and we both caught the flu on the plane. It was awful. Just awful. Desperate to keep something down, we both gave the Skratch anytime hydration a try. It helped from keeping nothing down to keeping bananas and crackers down. That’s a win.

Urgent care selfie while Dayle waited for test results. Not good.

So how does it work? Ok we are not doctors but what we know from the Skratch crew is that It’s specially formulated to replace human sweat. There are formulations for hydration and hydration and fuel. So you’re literally replacing what you lose (wasn’t lying earlier).

Aside from hydration, Skratch has also lent a hand with recovery too. When it was starting to get cold up here in early October, outdoor rides were becoming far and few again. When we hit Florida, although pan flat, hydration was good but we needed quick recovery to make it a second day in the same heat. That was Skratch Recovery Drink Mix in Chocolate for us. The blend of protein and carbohydrates was perfect to hold us over until we got real food in our stomachs at the Team village. Check out those smiles- brought to you by Skratch 👍

Definitely check out the website and give it a try. Our favorite flavors are Lemon-Lime (Rachael) and Passion Fruit (Dayle).

Stay hydrated! 🧡🧡🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️

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