How we Liv…

For the longest time, we had our bike gear and favorite components which carried us through several CCGs and other Bike MS events. It was a little over a year ago when we met half way at Jon Steppic’s Southbridge Bicycle shop to hang out and Rachael talk about bikes, that we left with LIV on the brain.


This picture is early spring at a Southbridge ride with our new LIV bikes (we are ready to roll out across 50 states!)

Rachael was looking to create a custom ride and I was itching for the next thing; it was time. Rachael left the store leaning toward the LIV Envie and I straight up left the shop with the Avail Pro receipt (hellooooo disc brakes! 😜) that would be ready to pick up in another week or so. Rachael ultimately went with the Envie, and electronic shifting a few weeks later. New gear sounds great and all but here was where LIV was different and what made us instantly both fall in love with our new rides.

LIV (the women’s specific brand created by Giant) is one of the only (besides Terry – but still designed by men) company that uses women-only data for measurements for sizing. There was only minor tweaking for fitting versus our other bikes. It’s not just road or race bikes- there is something for all ages, disciplines, and experience. We even had the opportunity to dip our toes in the magical world of MTB, thanks to Giant/LIV rep Chris Baer. Scary at first but so much fun! Stay tuned for our upcoming Bike MS adventure in Vermont (hint, hint).

We want all the MTBs!

Since we’ve switched over to LIV, we’ve had fewer mechanicals, felt better on long rides, and in general have improved our bike handling. We say it a million times and we’ll say it again…we’ve been so lucky to make it through 11 states unscathed and finish with big smiles. LIV definitely helped make that possible. Putting in the miles on long rides is more enjoyable and comfortable. Overall just a really great fit. If you or someone you know is looking for a new ride, definitely check LIV out at for options and retailers near you.


#howweliv #livbeyond

check out Southbridge Bicycles new shop at 930 Main Street, Southbridge MA – the new Giant / LIV shop!

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