You Above All; Inspiring Humanity

The motto that jetBlue truly follows. We’ve made an amazing connection with our friends at jetBlue this year, it is quite humbling to tell the truth. It started with a simple call followed by a request. Every trip we take by plane ✈️ jetBlue kindly covers the cost of our bikes! That’s a big deal since you all know these are our babies! But the kindness travels to each airport we’ve been through. It is absolutely remarkable.

Many of you are hopping on planes today, or may have over the weekend, so reading this is a tad too late. But next time you book consider traveling only jetBlue! And if you are traveling with them this trip, remember that the flight attendants and pilots may not be spending time with their families, so extra thanks and joy their way would be special.

coming home from Florida – we are sorry jetBlue is not in the background – poor timing!

We will be flying a lot going forward (east coast is almost done!). We start with a flight out to Phoenix March 28 for bikeMS Arizona, but get to fly home from Vegas at the end of our 5 state trip! Wait till you hear about this trip! Flying home on a red eye is the way to go (or so I’ve heard Bc I’ve never been to the West coast, Dayle has though!) and with the comfort of the seats, the friendly flight staff, snacks, food and all I’m all in for this one!

What are some of your feel good moments with jetBlue? We’d love to be able to share them with the ones that support us 😊

ps pretty awesome being able to watch whatever you want when in flight also! So make sure to fly jetBlue!

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