“No Slip, No Drip”

we sure did Embrace the Suck going from snow on the ground to 90 degree Texas weather! And thankfully we had Bondi Band to the rescue for the “No Slip, No Drip” under the helmet!

Team Velox Rota has been using Bondi Band (local company out of Bloomfield, CT) for our custom headbands for a few years now, that the relationship was just there and right! Since I was living all but 5 minutes from the warehouse it made things that much easier!

Have you every been participating in an event where it’s so hot that sweat just drips into your eyes? We have! But with Bondi Bands original wicking headband you don’t get that! The light weight band soaks everything up! Even the guys on the team love the headband under their helmet! Bondi Band also had a warm weather band! Nice to protect the ears!

We love the fun sayings on our headbands, check out some of the ones we wear:

“Shut up Legs”“When in doubt pedal it out”“Sassy Classy and a little Badassy”“It’s just a hill get over it”encouraging sayings all over

http://www.bondiband.com has a lot of great gifts also! So go check them out for the sports lover or active friend that could use a little sass in their life!

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