Where do we keep our ID?

On our wrists!

We’ve been lucky this year to make it unscathed in 11 states. That’s right. No bumps, bruises, cuts, or scrapes. We didn’t lose each other on rides either. With all the people in the BP MS 150, that was a miracle. BUT should anything have happened, we were covered by Road ID.

So what is it??

For starters, it’s eliminated us having to pack our licenses and cards with contacts in our back pocket, which means more room for Stinger Waffles 😛 Yay! And no need to be writing on the back of your bib or whatever else was your way of noting contact info. It’s all on your wrist.

You get to enter contact information on the plate- personalized to your liking. Want to make more than one? Sure thing! Emergency contact information, your information, allergies, important health information, what ever you need because they have all different sizes. Then the band- more types, sizes, and materials than you can shake a stick at. We warned you—- more than one is totally an option. 😁 Basically should something happen, your band can easily be checked for any necessary care to be administered and contacts can be alerted. Sure you can carry a phone but if that gets crushed (we’ve seen it happen, unfortunately) emergency contacts are on your band.

Not only that, there are all sorts of badges and add-ons for the bands. Finish an Ironman? Ride a century and want to add it to your band? There’s a badge for that 😁👍

Whatever your sport, you can’t go wrong with Road ID and you never know what will happen. Friends of mine have even snagged them for the kids when schlepping to Disney for added peace of mind.

Be safe out there! Check Road ID about today!


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