Where do we keep our ID?

On our wrists!

We’ve been lucky this year to make it unscathed in 11 states. That’s right. No bumps, bruises, cuts, or scrapes. We didn’t lose each other on rides either. With all the people in the BP MS 150, that was a miracle. BUT should anything have happened, we were covered by Road ID.

So what is it??

For starters, it’s eliminated us having to pack our licenses and cards with contacts in our back pocket, which means more room for Stinger Waffles 😛 Yay! And no need to be writing on the back of your bib or whatever else was your way of noting contact info. It’s all on your wrist.

You get to enter contact information on the plate- personalized to your liking. Want to make more than one? Sure thing! Emergency contact information, your information, allergies, important health information, what ever you need because they have all different sizes. Then the band- more types, sizes, and materials than you can shake a stick at. We warned you—- more than one is totally an option. 😁 Basically should something happen, your band can easily be checked for any necessary care to be administered and contacts can be alerted. Sure you can carry a phone but if that gets crushed (we’ve seen it happen, unfortunately) emergency contacts are on your band.

Not only that, there are all sorts of badges and add-ons for the bands. Finish an Ironman? Ride a century and want to add it to your band? There’s a badge for that 😁👍

Whatever your sport, you can’t go wrong with Road ID and you never know what will happen. Friends of mine have even snagged them for the kids when schlepping to Disney for added peace of mind.

Be safe out there! Check Road ID about today!


Clean up time!

I always say it but at the end of every ride, we always finish with a big smile…even cold NYC with one contact lens! Brrr…

We couldn’t have done it without all of our sponsors but the added comfort with Chamois Butt’r on these long distances and a quick clean down from Water Wipes, especially in the heat, were an added bonus.

Chamois Butt’r helped us tremendously with not only chamois cream for rides (the her cream is created with females in mind), but their Kit wash for the laundry and Skin wash for the post-ride showers are hands down the best thing. Having to use trailer showers after some of the rides, you don’t feel like you’ve cleaned up well, but the Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash did the trick. The Kit Wash, unlike some other detergents, didn’t wear out our cycling gear at all.


What also helped, again especially with the heat, were Water Wipes which were small enough to carry in our jersey pockets. Made with 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract, we don’t get the chemical feel after wiping our faces and they are excellent at getting rid of sweat and dirt. They are really popular in the UK, initially created with babies in mind, and are slowly making their way to the States. When we tried them at Wegman’s one day, we were hooked. Added bonus, they are exceedingly awesome at removing makeup 👌🏼

Check out the pic below- would you believe us if we told you that not long before this pic was taken we completed a 63 mile ride in 90 degree heat and cleaned off completely with Water Wipes? Didn’t think so! They are available in different sizes and have a line specifically for make-up. They are with us always…car, gym bag, our bike shirt pockets, etc.

Check them out today! 🧡🧡🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️



How we Liv…

For the longest time, we had our bike gear and favorite components which carried us through several CCGs and other Bike MS events. It was a little over a year ago when we met half way at Jon Steppic’s Southbridge Bicycle shop to hang out and Rachael talk about bikes, that we left with LIV on the brain.


This picture is early spring at a Southbridge ride with our new LIV bikes (we are ready to roll out across 50 states!)

Rachael was looking to create a custom ride and I was itching for the next thing; it was time. Rachael left the store leaning toward the LIV Envie and I straight up left the shop with the Avail Pro receipt (hellooooo disc brakes! 😜) that would be ready to pick up in another week or so. Rachael ultimately went with the Envie, and electronic shifting a few weeks later. New gear sounds great and all but here was where LIV was different and what made us instantly both fall in love with our new rides.

LIV (the women’s specific brand created by Giant) is one of the only (besides Terry – but still designed by men) company that uses women-only data for measurements for sizing. There was only minor tweaking for fitting versus our other bikes. It’s not just road or race bikes- there is something for all ages, disciplines, and experience. We even had the opportunity to dip our toes in the magical world of MTB, thanks to Giant/LIV rep Chris Baer. Scary at first but so much fun! Stay tuned for our upcoming Bike MS adventure in Vermont (hint, hint).

We want all the MTBs!

Since we’ve switched over to LIV, we’ve had fewer mechanicals, felt better on long rides, and in general have improved our bike handling. We say it a million times and we’ll say it again…we’ve been so lucky to make it through 11 states unscathed and finish with big smiles. LIV definitely helped make that possible. Putting in the miles on long rides is more enjoyable and comfortable. Overall just a really great fit. If you or someone you know is looking for a new ride, definitely check LIV out at http://www.liv-cycling.com for options and retailers near you.


#howweliv #livbeyond

check out Southbridge Bicycles new shop at 930 Main Street, Southbridge MA – the new Giant / LIV shop!

How to stay hydrated on the bike in extreme heat.

Skratch. That’s how.

We’ve mentioned Texas before but what’s one more time? Back in April, we tackled State 1, Texas, a 2 day ride from Houston to Austin. When we flew out of Boston, it was snowing. So as you can imagine, the number of outdoor training were few. Maybe a few miles outside if any at all. Ok so we get everything off the plane and bike gear is ok in the end (separate story). We pretty much immediately started hydrating with Skratch because it was in the 80s when we landed in Houston. We started with the anytime hydration on the plane which sucks the water out of you anyway.

You can’t really see it but there were definitely flakes in the sky. 😁

Our Skratch stash 👍

We were careful with the stops for hydration and Skratch energy chews. In fact, so much so that sunscreen was an afterthought 😮😬 The sport and super helped tremendously. We had two bottles with us on our bikes- never let them get empty. One for water and one for Skratch. Once the heat kicked in, they both were Skratch. The last 15 miles were brutal- mainly because we hadn’t been on our bikes for that long this early in the season and we weren’t used to the heat but we’re convinced that it wouldn’t have turned out that way without the Skratch. It ultimately came down to being really careful to replace what we were losing.

Can’t have smiles after that heat without proper nutrition!

Fast forward a few days when we were back home and we both caught the flu on the plane. It was awful. Just awful. Desperate to keep something down, we both gave the Skratch anytime hydration a try. It helped from keeping nothing down to keeping bananas and crackers down. That’s a win.

Urgent care selfie while Dayle waited for test results. Not good.

So how does it work? Ok we are not doctors but what we know from the Skratch crew is that It’s specially formulated to replace human sweat. There are formulations for hydration and hydration and fuel. So you’re literally replacing what you lose (wasn’t lying earlier).

Aside from hydration, Skratch has also lent a hand with recovery too. When it was starting to get cold up here in early October, outdoor rides were becoming far and few again. When we hit Florida, although pan flat, hydration was good but we needed quick recovery to make it a second day in the same heat. That was Skratch Recovery Drink Mix in Chocolate for us. The blend of protein and carbohydrates was perfect to hold us over until we got real food in our stomachs at the Team village. Check out those smiles- brought to you by Skratch 👍

Definitely check out the website skratchlabs.com and give it a try. Our favorite flavors are Lemon-Lime (Rachael) and Passion Fruit (Dayle).

Stay hydrated! 🧡🧡🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️

Happy Trails…🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️

We have been on a sponsor kick lately now that outdoor riding has calmed down…ok is basically over 🤷🏻‍♀️😢 There have been a lot of questions about what we eat, how we prepare, how we recover (more on those later). We get A LOT of questions and compliments about what we wear. Well…Primal Wear, folks!

While Rachael was at National Leadership Conference in Colorado, November 2017, she had the opportunity to check out the Primal line and chat it up with the custom team (Primal is the National Sponsor for the National MS Society). From there Rachael made an instant relationship with Stephen Blackband. He and Carolyn helped us design our Team Velox Rota kits for this year’s cycling season and we couldn’t have been any happier with not only the design but working with them. Primal wear has by far the best quality kits in the game- we’ve tried and tested, even the cold gear!

Dayle was against bibs for the longest time- hadn’t tried any that fit and finally was converted to bibs once she tried Primal. No turning back!

Not only are the quality and comfort of Primal’s kits and clothing far superior, the other part we love about Primal is their commitment to helping end MS. As mentioned, they are the National Sponsor for MS – all official Bike MS rides, Passport and I Ride With MS jerseys are all Primal. If teams (like ours) order custom kits, a portion of the sale goes back to you team fundraising. Everyone wins.

Whether your a cyclist, fitness enthusiast, or looking for a gift for someone who is, check them out at

Most of all…Happy Trails! 🧡🧡🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️

team Velox Rota winter jacket custom ride Marshal jersey

PR for MS!

PR as in Amp Human Performance Personal Recovery Lotion with sodium bicarbonate, that is.

Our secret weapon on and off the bike.

We’ve been using this since the beginning (formerly known as Topical Edge) and we are so excited that our secret weapon has a new name, Amp Human Performance! Before and after every ride, we can be found slathering this on our legs. It helps reduce soreness and fatigue by neutralizing acid that builds up in muscles. Even after intense training sessions at the gym, it’s been a life saver. The best is foam rolling and stretching after an application before bed or even mixed in with a post-ride massage.


If you haven’t checked them out, watch the video below and visit AmpHuman.com today and use CODE TE2AMP for 20% off!

PR Lotion fights fatigue and soreness, do more of what you love and feel great doing it!

How else would we have such big smiles on our faces after pushing 160 miles in 2 days of sweltering 90 degree heat?