Meg’s Story

We’ve been doing some research with our friend Ray and how CBD can help people living with MS. Then our friend Kathy / FUMS posted this great story just a few days ago.

Take a moment an listen to the podcast (the link is below to get to it), and follow Meg in her journey.

We will be exploring the benefits of CBD and MS. As there is also an opportunity to help out our veterans at the same time. We will fill you in on that in the next couple of days!

FUMS 030 – How Cannabis, Diet, and Exercise Has Helped MS’er Meg Lewellyn

Our guest today is Meg Lewellyn of – which stands for Boots, Boobs and Hair with Multiple Sclerosis. 

In a frank and funny conversation with Kathy, Meg covers subjects including being open with her three kids about her MS and how she is now managing her symptoms with medical marijuana.In this episode we discuss:

  • Meg’s MS diagnosis story
  • Why she chose to be up front with her three kids about her MS right off the bat
  • What made her write about her experiences in her book, “Segway Into My New Life”
  • Her history with various DMTs and why she is now managing her symptoms with a mixture of diet, exercise and medical marijuana
  • Meg’s Segway, Mojo
  • Turning off her internal critic with the help of her husband

… and much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode (clickable links):

“No Slip, No Drip”

we sure did Embrace the Suck going from snow on the ground to 90 degree Texas weather! And thankfully we had Bondi Band to the rescue for the “No Slip, No Drip” under the helmet!

Team Velox Rota has been using Bondi Band (local company out of Bloomfield, CT) for our custom headbands for a few years now, that the relationship was just there and right! Since I was living all but 5 minutes from the warehouse it made things that much easier!

Have you every been participating in an event where it’s so hot that sweat just drips into your eyes? We have! But with Bondi Bands original wicking headband you don’t get that! The light weight band soaks everything up! Even the guys on the team love the headband under their helmet! Bondi Band also had a warm weather band! Nice to protect the ears!

We love the fun sayings on our headbands, check out some of the ones we wear:

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You Above All; Inspiring Humanity

The motto that jetBlue truly follows. We’ve made an amazing connection with our friends at jetBlue this year, it is quite humbling to tell the truth. It started with a simple call followed by a request. Every trip we take by plane ✈️ jetBlue kindly covers the cost of our bikes! That’s a big deal since you all know these are our babies! But the kindness travels to each airport we’ve been through. It is absolutely remarkable.

Many of you are hopping on planes today, or may have over the weekend, so reading this is a tad too late. But next time you book consider traveling only jetBlue! And if you are traveling with them this trip, remember that the flight attendants and pilots may not be spending time with their families, so extra thanks and joy their way would be special.

coming home from Florida – we are sorry jetBlue is not in the background – poor timing!

We will be flying a lot going forward (east coast is almost done!). We start with a flight out to Phoenix March 28 for bikeMS Arizona, but get to fly home from Vegas at the end of our 5 state trip! Wait till you hear about this trip! Flying home on a red eye is the way to go (or so I’ve heard Bc I’ve never been to the West coast, Dayle has though!) and with the comfort of the seats, the friendly flight staff, snacks, food and all I’m all in for this one!

What are some of your feel good moments with jetBlue? We’d love to be able to share them with the ones that support us 😊

ps pretty awesome being able to watch whatever you want when in flight also! So make sure to fly jetBlue!

Bring your life…

That’s an understatement! Since this journey has turned into our life, and our bikes allow us to complete this journey, there is only 1 way to get it all to each destination!

This next sponsorship started because we’ve gotten carried away with matching with everything!

Rewind a few months to before we were taking off for Texas for state 1, our first ride of the season and the first flight! We refused to rent bikes, did the math out… use a bike shipping company or fly with our bikes. Since JetBlue offered to sponsor us by flying our bikes (that will be a different post), it was a no brainer to purchase bike cases. Not a lot of time to spare we got them in, but needed major help packing the bikes in! (also check out our awesome Primal hoodies)

We followed up with Thule on how awesome their bike cases are, how easy it is to load and unload our bikes it seemed fitting to have them get on board with luggage!

Thule makes awesome travel duffel bags! The 70L Chasm bag holds so much, and even comes with a laundry bag, which is perfect for all the riding gear! And we love carrying them like a backpack, especially when we have our awesome EnRoute computer backpack! We just so happen to make the MS colors work out with the 2 bags!

The durability of the bags are awesome and clean nicely!

Next on the list: new bike racks!

With today being the busiest travel day of the year, we recommend, even though the day is over, consider Thule for your travel necessities. Black Friday is only 2 days away. Add a roller suitcase for a loved one, a stroller for that new mom or a daypack for yourself!

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Let us know what you think!

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁

Sleep Quality: Tips for a Good Night’s Rest

It’s that time when we will be sharing other blog posts that we like about life “stuff”. This blog by Lynnetta Bonsu MPH, CHES – Jan 2018 is a great one on sleep. She mentions nutrition, supplementation and exercise- 3 topics you’ll read about from us as well! Enjoy!

We all know that proper nutrition, supplementation, and regular exercise are the foundation of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But, did you know that getting enough sleep each night is just as important for your health? Let’s talk about some of the facts about sleep quality, along with some tips to help you get a good night’s rest.

Sleep quality and your health. What are the facts? 

Nearly 40 percent of Americans get only six hours (or less) of sleep per night. The Centers for Disease Control and Preventionrecommends that adults (including older adults) get at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Sleep quality impacts various factors of overall health and wellness including:

  • Stress hormone production
  • Energy levels
  • Mood
  • Cardiovascular, immune and brain health

Sleep deprivation may impact your weight loss goals, even for those who exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet. Leptin, a hormone that transmits signals to the brain to regulate appetite control in the body, is dependent on the amount of time we sleep. Those who do not get enough sleep could be more likely to have larger appetites due to a normal drop of leptin in their bodies.

Inadequate sleep can also affect the process of muscle development in our bodies.  Anabolic hormones regulate the process of protein degradation (the breakdown of muscle), while catabolic hormones regulate the process of protein synthesis (the building of muscle). Anabolic hormone levels have been shown to increase as a result of poor sleep. Similarly, catabolic hormone levels have been shown to decrease as a result of the same.

Vitamins and supplements that may help with sleep include: multivitamins, melatonin, valerian, 5-HTP, magnesium, and calcium.  Please consult with your healthcare provider if you are having trouble sleeping or having trouble sleeping or to discuss sleep disorders.

Here are five tips to help improve sleep quality.

1) Create a sleep routine (yes that means even on weekends).

  • Practice doing the same tasks each night before you go to bed to promote consistency in your pre-bedtime routine.
  • Go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning.
  • Consistency is the key! Your body will gradually start to anticipate when it is time to go to sleep and wake up.

2) Create a comfortable and relaxing sleeping environment.

  • Environment (aka your bedroom), should promote a sense of calmness and coziness. Strive for an arrangement that fosters a good night’s rest, based on your personal preferences.
  • The area where you fall asleep should be cool (somewhere around 65 degrees F), dark, quiet and free of distractions (i.e. television, computer, phone, etc).
  • If necessary, try using black out curtains, sleep mask, earplugs, AC unit or a fan to further reduce distractions and/or noise disturbances.

3) Avoid heavy meals and limit fluid intake before bedtime.

  • Avoid food and drinks high in caffeine like soda and candy bars.
  • Try not to consume spicy food that may cause heartburn.

4) Maintain an active lifestyle.

  • According to various research studies, increased physical activity often leads to increased sleep duration.
  • Sleep experts recommend exercising at least three hours prior to bedtime. Exercising at this time is beneficial because body temperature is related to sleep. The rise and drop of your body temperature may cue your body to begin feeling sleepy.

5) Manage stress daily.

  • Those who suffer from high stress levels tend to have poor sleep habits.
  • Try breathing exercises or yoga to help relieve daily stress.
  • Exercising regularly not only helps you stay physically fit, but is a great way to both relieve stress and improve sleep quality alike.
  • Put away cell phones and laptops. Discontinue answering emails and messages for at least 30 minutes before bed time.

How will you incorporate some of these tips in your everyday lifestyle to ensure that you get enough Zzz’s and consistently enjoy the many benefits of a good night’s rest?

Journey to our #UltimateSelf

wow! Thank you #thirteenfitapparel and Paige for this awesome plug! But most importantly for supporting our journey!

The shirts are making their way to other states in support of our journey! Our journey not only is in support for #MultipleSclerosis as we truly are activists but also a journey to our #UltimateSelf as well! With busy lives, work, moves, and everything else in between these rides allow us to free our minds while we pedal to truly find whats deep inside!

We’ve been quiet on posts, and we truly are sorry. But, we promise to sneak in and surprise you with some good stuff! Like this awesome blog from Paige!

If you need custom work, I wouldn’t go anywhere else but to one of the most talented designers out there. Did I mention she’s an athlete, has a heart of gold, and truly is one of the easiest people to work with Bc she just understands life as it is!

Thanks Paige!!! And Thirteen Fit Apparel! 🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🧡