Journey to our #UltimateSelf

wow! Thank you #thirteenfitapparel and Paige for this awesome plug! But most importantly for supporting our journey!

The shirts are making their way to other states in support of our journey! Our journey not only is in support for #MultipleSclerosis as we truly are activists but also a journey to our #UltimateSelf as well! With busy lives, work, moves, and everything else in between these rides allow us to free our minds while we pedal to truly find whats deep inside!

We’ve been quiet on posts, and we truly are sorry. But, we promise to sneak in and surprise you with some good stuff! Like this awesome blog from Paige!

If you need custom work, I wouldn’t go anywhere else but to one of the most talented designers out there. Did I mention she’s an athlete, has a heart of gold, and truly is one of the easiest people to work with Bc she just understands life as it is!

Thanks Paige!!! And Thirteen Fit Apparel! 🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🧡

When life gets in the way

It’s crazy how time flies. One week ago we had finished state 9, New Hampshire. Life sure happened between work and moving, moving and work. From talking everyday to not having talked since last Saturday… blogging and posting was easy, and now it’s hard to find the time to get it in. But we are still here! But we also promise you we will not be as prompt as we were before, unless we have an airplane or car ride together when we can get it done right away.

Life, it happens.

It seemed as though all we got to do was travel and ride our bikes, but you’ll now see the reality of how we live!

Adulting sucks!

There will be work travel, moving, business meetings, holidays and so much more through September that we may completely forget about our followers as we are engulfed into the next 4 weeks.

We are truly sorry!

We are very thankful of the support you all have given us. It means a lot.

So since our schedules are about to take a crazy turn, we will be posting blogs from others, stuff we can all learn from. Stuff that will benefit us each day.

There may even be days of just an inspirational quote.

But we do not want to desert you, like it’s been the last few weeks. Life is about to get even more busy then what it’s been.

Our next ride: Nations Capital down in Virginia. We will be riding with Passport friends, a few TVR members will be joining us, and we may even get to see some of my old friends from when I lived in Arlington.

A new champion to join our support from the NH Seacoast ride:

And a HUGE congrats to Candace for riding in her first bikeMS ride!

Rain rain go away

A week late with this update! Life sure has gotten the best of the both of us.

But better late then never right?

it started with randomly 😉meeting up at the New Hampshire welcome center. Thanks Rachel for snapping the funny photo of the two of us.

When we got to University of New England in Biddeford Maine, we decided to walk a mile or so down to the ocean. Must be nice for all the students to have the water that close! Dayle and I both went to school in western New York, and had the lakes around us, but I’d say it just isn’t the same.

we also had to mark our spot! we checked in and brought everything up to our dorm suite and then Lucinda showed up and we headed downtown for dinner. There were a lot of cyclists at the pub we went to. loved the way the light hit this tower.

set up and ready for great Maine getaway

We got incredible lucky. Rain was in the forecast for the day. Not a drop during the entire ride. jess and her fiancé were in from Colorado! Josie Benassi is truly one of the strongest women I know living with MS. She continues to pedal her tandem bike at all the GNE rides with her husband Joe! the Bush compound is right around the corner from where we took this picture. the bean boot even was at the finish

we went into Kennebunkport for lunch as a team. A team that sticks together raises more dollars together or something like that. Ps so proud of Pete for finishing his first 50mile ride for bikeMS! 🚴🏼‍♂️🧡thanks Joe for rocking the 2girls2bikes50states T-shirt for us! You and Josie are amazing. It was a wonderful evening at the candlelight ceremony. This truly is an event that reminds you why we are all out there riding #iloveyouAB 🧡

and this ones for you Jon! Rockin our Southbridge Bicycle Road Dawg t-shirts!

We will be riding next weekend in New Hampshire for our 9th state. Many of our teammates from TVR will be joining us!

Thank you for continuing to support us. Our bandana is growing. We would love for you to spread the word on our travels. If you have a champion that you’d like for us to ass their name to our bandana please let us know.

We will be sharing Micah’s story when we travel now as well. Micah touched our hearts in Texas. His book has recently been published. We will be joining forces sharing his story in the states we visit. Josie Benassi was our first recipient of Micah’s Story.. who will be touched in New Hampshire 🤷🏻‍♀️

👍🏼 us on Facebook & Instagram. And hopefully wherever we travel to next we will have to opportunity to meet you!

Xoxo Dayle and Rachael

What’s next?!

Dayle and I have been talking about other topics in life that we wanted to share with our followers. We threw ideas around this weekend while the adrenaline was at its highest. But now that that’s gone (until it kicks back in on Friday) we decided we wanted to ask you all!

Of course the point of this journey is to become the best activists for MS. Our journey was not planned for bikeMS in every state, it’s riding FOR MS in every state. It’s making new friends along the way, those that live with MS, volunteer or ride for MS. The memories we are making are what matter most. We met some pretty awesome people this weekend, especially in PA (shout out to Team OX!)

Our journey is also to use our platform to talk about topics that are so important around life in general! We have our lineup of things to talk about, but we want to hear from you all! What do you want us to talk about? Let us know!

Year 8 CCG in the books

This is going to be a long one – we each are going to write our own blog for CCG

It’s hard to believe a week ago today I was sitting down to get my annual mani with MaryBeth up in Hopkinton. This marks 4years! And every year I do a little something different

This year I’d have to say was by far the best year for CCG. There definitely people missing, there were new people on the team, and we had some veterans come back. But the part that made it the best was exactly what others were saying, people came together more. Especially on TVR! (Makes me that much more excited for the years to come).

Our bright new blue kits popped! thanks Stephen and Carolyn from Primal custom! You sure came through with Michael’s vision and were by far the easiest custom team to work with! Not to mention your giveback program. And thanks to Paige for coming through with our team T-shirt and color choice Bc we popped on the ferry too! (They always take our picture first which means half the team isn’t there yet!)

Another thank you to Pallas and the massage team, especially my girl Cherie! Spoiling me from head to toe and bringing your cups! Love me my suction marks 🙂

Saturday was incredibly hot, even at 450am when it was time to head to BCBS. We all were hanging out in the VIP area and coming together which was the start of why the weekend was just so amazing. It was for sure reunion! (I hope the start is at the same next year).

Opening ceremonies etc we complete and we were the 3rd team to pedal out… about 10 pedals in and I started having shifting problems. Thankfully we have a bike mechanic/bike shop owner on our team! Jon pulled over, we fixed my bike, and caught back up to the group and off we went. I knew with the heat though my left calf was going to give me a hard time. Creeping in at almost 100 degrees at mile 28 I knew i wasn’t going to make it. Chris was pedaling back with me but the heat was sucking all the hydration out of me and the calf knee it was over. I hydrated all week, and was sucking down fluids every few minutes or so, but having a real medical condition no hydration will help. At the lunch stop (mike 37) I made the first smart decision I’ve ever made on a ride and hopped in the Jeep with MaryBeth straight to the last rest stop. Sucked so much doing this but I wasn’t going to hold the team back and was going to keep my leg!

When MB and I got to the last rest stop no one was there volunteering so MB and I took over! I had to warm up before the crew reached me so I pedaled the parking lot over and over and over… to hit almost 4 miles. I pulled the team into the MMA with my fresh legs! Mom and dad were waiting, as always!

Sunday I woke up feeling great and knew the hills would be tough but I would be able to handle the day. But I was also going to play it mile by mile. We will keep out the tears, from rest stop 1-2, and then straight to lunch at mile 42. I was feeling good. Wasn’t sure if I was going to continue if I rode alone, but the crew stepped up and held onto me. We rode our ride! I am so thankful for the group I ride with. We added on this year, and were missing Jeremy, but these 3 are my rock. We became a solid crew last year, and it’s just known that we stick together. Love them!

Dayle and I completed state 4! 46 to go!

has to have Lany in our clink pic!

Here are photos from the weekend won’t bore you with any more, more so I am still lost with words from the weekend being it was the best one to date!

Thank you HDI for a second year!!

Ohio is next the first weekend in August!

5 days

in 5 days we ride… in 6 days we celebrate the finish of state #4, 150 miles with the best team out there and take a matching pic to this one!

get ready for a lot of pictures of the 4 of us! (This was last year).