MS: What People Don’t See (Infographic)

Below the surface, living with MS can mean days spent in bed, missed appointments, and alternate days when we seem “fine.” There’s so much more to multiple sclerosis than meets the eye. We know that MS comes with hundreds of possible combinations of symptoms, many of which appear invisible to outsiders. Most people don’t see the many symptoms we experience.

On, the social network and online support group for people living with multiple sclerosis, members discuss the chronic nature of the disease and its hidden symptoms. MyMSTeam has grown to reach 100,000 members and members have shared over 10 million conversations about life with MS! Throughout the year we will share themes we see come up time and time on MyMSTeam. We chose the image of an iceberg to represent MS symptoms because the life-impacting implications of an MS diagnosis aren’t obvious on the surface. Please share to spread MS awareness!

Sometime we don’t even see mobility issues. #didntknow #nowyoudo #MSAwarenessmonth #themoreyouknow #educate

Meg’s Story

We’ve been doing some research with our friend Ray and how CBD can help people living with MS. Then our friend Kathy / FUMS posted this great story just a few days ago.

Take a moment an listen to the podcast (the link is below to get to it), and follow Meg in her journey.

We will be exploring the benefits of CBD and MS. As there is also an opportunity to help out our veterans at the same time. We will fill you in on that in the next couple of days!

FUMS 030 – How Cannabis, Diet, and Exercise Has Helped MS’er Meg Lewellyn

Our guest today is Meg Lewellyn of – which stands for Boots, Boobs and Hair with Multiple Sclerosis. 

In a frank and funny conversation with Kathy, Meg covers subjects including being open with her three kids about her MS and how she is now managing her symptoms with medical marijuana.In this episode we discuss:

  • Meg’s MS diagnosis story
  • Why she chose to be up front with her three kids about her MS right off the bat
  • What made her write about her experiences in her book, “Segway Into My New Life”
  • Her history with various DMTs and why she is now managing her symptoms with a mixture of diet, exercise and medical marijuana
  • Meg’s Segway, Mojo
  • Turning off her internal critic with the help of her husband

… and much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode (clickable links):

Where do we keep our ID?

On our wrists!

We’ve been lucky this year to make it unscathed in 11 states. That’s right. No bumps, bruises, cuts, or scrapes. We didn’t lose each other on rides either. With all the people in the BP MS 150, that was a miracle. BUT should anything have happened, we were covered by Road ID.

So what is it??

For starters, it’s eliminated us having to pack our licenses and cards with contacts in our back pocket, which means more room for Stinger Waffles 😛 Yay! And no need to be writing on the back of your bib or whatever else was your way of noting contact info. It’s all on your wrist.

You get to enter contact information on the plate- personalized to your liking. Want to make more than one? Sure thing! Emergency contact information, your information, allergies, important health information, what ever you need because they have all different sizes. Then the band- more types, sizes, and materials than you can shake a stick at. We warned you—- more than one is totally an option. 😁 Basically should something happen, your band can easily be checked for any necessary care to be administered and contacts can be alerted. Sure you can carry a phone but if that gets crushed (we’ve seen it happen, unfortunately) emergency contacts are on your band.

Not only that, there are all sorts of badges and add-ons for the bands. Finish an Ironman? Ride a century and want to add it to your band? There’s a badge for that 😁👍

Whatever your sport, you can’t go wrong with Road ID and you never know what will happen. Friends of mine have even snagged them for the kids when schlepping to Disney for added peace of mind.

Be safe out there! Check Road ID about today!


“No Slip, No Drip”

we sure did Embrace the Suck going from snow on the ground to 90 degree Texas weather! And thankfully we had Bondi Band to the rescue for the “No Slip, No Drip” under the helmet!

Team Velox Rota has been using Bondi Band (local company out of Bloomfield, CT) for our custom headbands for a few years now, that the relationship was just there and right! Since I was living all but 5 minutes from the warehouse it made things that much easier!

Have you every been participating in an event where it’s so hot that sweat just drips into your eyes? We have! But with Bondi Bands original wicking headband you don’t get that! The light weight band soaks everything up! Even the guys on the team love the headband under their helmet! Bondi Band also had a warm weather band! Nice to protect the ears!

We love the fun sayings on our headbands, check out some of the ones we wear:

“Shut up Legs”“When in doubt pedal it out”“Sassy Classy and a little Badassy”“It’s just a hill get over it”encouraging sayings all over has a lot of great gifts also! So go check them out for the sports lover or active friend that could use a little sass in their life!

Clean up time!

I always say it but at the end of every ride, we always finish with a big smile…even cold NYC with one contact lens! Brrr…

We couldn’t have done it without all of our sponsors but the added comfort with Chamois Butt’r on these long distances and a quick clean down from Water Wipes, especially in the heat, were an added bonus.

Chamois Butt’r helped us tremendously with not only chamois cream for rides (the her cream is created with females in mind), but their Kit wash for the laundry and Skin wash for the post-ride showers are hands down the best thing. Having to use trailer showers after some of the rides, you don’t feel like you’ve cleaned up well, but the Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash did the trick. The Kit Wash, unlike some other detergents, didn’t wear out our cycling gear at all.


What also helped, again especially with the heat, were Water Wipes which were small enough to carry in our jersey pockets. Made with 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract, we don’t get the chemical feel after wiping our faces and they are excellent at getting rid of sweat and dirt. They are really popular in the UK, initially created with babies in mind, and are slowly making their way to the States. When we tried them at Wegman’s one day, we were hooked. Added bonus, they are exceedingly awesome at removing makeup 👌🏼

Check out the pic below- would you believe us if we told you that not long before this pic was taken we completed a 63 mile ride in 90 degree heat and cleaned off completely with Water Wipes? Didn’t think so! They are available in different sizes and have a line specifically for make-up. They are with us always…car, gym bag, our bike shirt pockets, etc.

Check them out today! 🧡🧡🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️

You Above All; Inspiring Humanity

The motto that jetBlue truly follows. We’ve made an amazing connection with our friends at jetBlue this year, it is quite humbling to tell the truth. It started with a simple call followed by a request. Every trip we take by plane ✈️ jetBlue kindly covers the cost of our bikes! That’s a big deal since you all know these are our babies! But the kindness travels to each airport we’ve been through. It is absolutely remarkable.

Many of you are hopping on planes today, or may have over the weekend, so reading this is a tad too late. But next time you book consider traveling only jetBlue! And if you are traveling with them this trip, remember that the flight attendants and pilots may not be spending time with their families, so extra thanks and joy their way would be special.

coming home from Florida – we are sorry jetBlue is not in the background – poor timing!

We will be flying a lot going forward (east coast is almost done!). We start with a flight out to Phoenix March 28 for bikeMS Arizona, but get to fly home from Vegas at the end of our 5 state trip! Wait till you hear about this trip! Flying home on a red eye is the way to go (or so I’ve heard Bc I’ve never been to the West coast, Dayle has though!) and with the comfort of the seats, the friendly flight staff, snacks, food and all I’m all in for this one!

What are some of your feel good moments with jetBlue? We’d love to be able to share them with the ones that support us 😊

ps pretty awesome being able to watch whatever you want when in flight also! So make sure to fly jetBlue!