BPMS150 that’s a wrap

Well we did it! One state down and 49 to go!

The adventure started early this morning at our hotel, getting packed, figuring out morning nutrition, and getting to the lobby in time to catch the bus to the fairgrounds. Our morning snack was bananas with peanut butter and Nutella…mmmm. It was a rough morning- we were exhausted last night. I was humming in my sleep πŸ˜΄πŸ’€ haha.

We made our way to the luggage truck to drop off our bags and there were our bike boxes. We were so excited to see them- it was all coming together. Then it was time to head over to the Team BP tent to hang with Ed and Eduardo (HRH of Tacostan). It was a chilly morning (mainly due to the sunburns πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ) but it warmed up once we got moving. Warm may be an understatement! Thankfully for Skratch Labs we didn’t dehydrate during the ride from sunburn on Saturday and 90degree weather (after cold and snow the week before!) We had a great clip for the day. We crossed the finish line today in 3.5 hours averaging 18 mph. Overall just a great ride.

Saw a CCG VIP jersey, and nonetheless it was Bodil Thomas, a TVR member! Convinced her to come back and ride CCG again this year.

We crossed the finish line, got our gear, took our bikes apart and made it back to Claire’s car (My sister), who also took us to Curra’s (amazing interior Mexican in Austin) and we topped off the night with some post ride treats from Voo Doo Donuts (yolo!)…mmmm old dirty bastard…mmmm (peanut butter Oreo).

Exhausted πŸ’€ tomorrow we head to Mellow Johnny’s then home to Boston. Goodnight

Embrace the suck

TVR has had a long standing relationship with BondiBand – they’ve been making our custom bands for a few years. Best headband to wear with a helmet!

But this is the hookup! Thanks Jolie, we will be Badass, motivating cyclists! Looking forward to representing a local company, especially down here in Texas!

And so it begins

Needless to say it’s been an adventure already this morning. 4am wake up, 430am departure to airport, 510am arrival at Logan airport, and the staring begins! Well who wouldn’t? 2 girls in matching #primal outfits, rolling huge ass bike boxes without caffeine. Expecting to pay $150 for each bike box, we both scored for $100/$50 (mine is 20lbs heavier 🀣) thanks #JetBlue!

Then to TSA check point, smooth sailing until all of our carry-ons needed to get inspected!

Note to self – you cannot bring CO2 cartridges on the plane with you, nor can you bring your brand new huge tube of #ChamoisButt’r OR #TopicalEdge (my anxiety kicked right back in!) if we were at Bradley I would have gone back out and checked my duffle rather than carrying it but that Logan line was forever long! Well – LESSON LEARNED! We will be ordering 3oz bottles and squeezing our travel amount for next flight in July!

First stop, #Starbucks for coffee and breakfast, second stop #HudsonNews for water… third stop boarding! Already met someone going down to meet her husband who is also doing the ride!

Friends – thanks for following us! We are on our way to Houston #BPMS150 for the first ride of our #50rides50states5year journey! Our goal is 500 followers by the end of the weekend! With 13,000 riders and a huge stack of business cards:

And your help we can do this! Share our journey if you will with your friends! The more people that follow us will help spread awareness for Multiple Sclerosis!

We will see you in Texas! βœŒπŸΌπŸ›«

Donate to 2girls 2bikes 50states!

500 and Velofix

Big scary goal alert! πŸ˜†

Tomorrow morning we head to the airport for Houston. So crazy! I can’t believe the amount of support and friends we’ve made along the way and we technically haven’t started the journey yet! Had to pack everything last night and today which ended up being a white-knuckle ride with my crazy work schedule. I thought I was efficient packing last night until Tonight when Rachael pointed out my 8 sports bras and 4 pairs of cycling shorts. Huh?

Also, in what ended up being a weird day, Texas may not have happened if it weren’t for Guenther from Velofix today. He totally saved the day. I literally ran out to him in between meetings to get my bike packed. You can’t see in the picture but I’m wearing black Nikes. πŸ˜‚

So back to the big scary goal…Texas is a big deal because it’s the first of the 50 states. The journey starts now. This is it. Our goal is to get our story out to500 new people by the end of the weekend. There should be 13,000 riders this weekend….170 miles on the bike. Plenty of time to make friends, right?

Good night 😘

Hydration in Houston

While it’s raining here today in New England, it is high 70s low 80s in Texas! It will be a drastic change on Friday when we arrive in Houston. Wow, one more day left! I cannot believe it is already here! My bike is packed, me not so much; where as Dayle is packed and her bike not so much!

So back to the change in weather. My biggest concern is dehydration Bc the sun is going to be so hot and and suck even more water out of our body. Thankfully we were hooked up by Tony and the team at Skratch Labs! enough electrolytes to keep us going for the entire 2018 bikeMS season! We will for sure need that hyper hydration this weekend. Packed enough and then some. BikeMS is awesome because do have food and drinks at every rest stop, but we all have choice of electrolytes and food while we ride. For years I’ve been packing my own stuff, that’s why the skratch singles are perfect. Now to make sure everything fits for 102 miles, we are a long way from home!

Huge glass of water and to bed. The journey begins tomorrow night!

Ain’t no sunshine…yet

SO in a week we will be in Houston at the hotel gearing up for a 100 mile ride. Outside. We’ve only been on our bikes a handful of times. I’m so excited to get out there next week and so excited for all the carbs I get to eat next week too. I have already calculated number of grams of carbohydrates per pound of weight- huge bag of sweet potatoes and oatmeal ready to go πŸ™‚ Word is the weather in Texas has been 70s-80s during the day and cooling off at night. Sounds good! We’ll be rocking our new Tifosi shades when we are out on the road in the sun. Β Huge shout out to Jorge, Ron, and Tifosi- you guys rock. We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. It’s been so cold, grey, and rainy there hasn’t been much of a need of sunglasses this week, but we’ll be ready for sunny Texas. Good night!