I’ve always had a bike since I was a kid. At one point I had four.

I moved to Boston in 2004, bought a bike not long after, and quickly realized biking around the streets of Boston was not ideal even when traffic laws are followed. I decided I needed something else that would keep me on the bike but out of the city. Cue spin class at Boston Sports Club, Davis Square. I already had a road bike, knew about the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) society from doing walkMS as a kid, and quickly joined Team Velox Rota (TVR). Sounded like a great opportunity and would keep me busy while my husband trained for an Ironman. I did my first Cape Cod Getaway in 2012, raising about $1500. It was great to be part of a bigger cause and do something for those living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Growing up, I had a few teachers and parents of friends who had MS. So I was familiar with the disease, severity, and it’s impact on everyday living. It’s terrible.

For years with my work schedule and constant ebb and flow of patellar tendinitis, I’d ride alone. I was lacking strength in my right leg to maintain the consistency to stay solid in a group or pace line. I’d usually drop off in excruciating pain. I did the CCG for about 5 years, eventually branching out to the MS ride in New Hampshire. It was last year though that I got the strength back in my legs and was ready to ride back in with the pack.

Rachael and I knew each other since I stared riding with TVR in 2012, but really forged a friendship in late 2016. We bonded during a team pub crawl in which we were the only sober ones in the group and in charge of a lot of cash.

Fast forward to 2017. I really upped my time in the gym getting my legs and core back. Rachael had done Alabama and a bunch of other rides through the bikeMS Passport program, which I achieved in 2017.

On a cold Saturday, October 2017, we met at Southbridge Bicycles to see Jon Steppic so Rachael could pick up her new bike trainer and I could take her old one. I ended up walking out with a new Liv Avail Advanced. Not long after Rachael ended up getting a Liv Envie.

It was then that we looked into dates of bikeMS rides elsewhere in the country which evolved into the goal to ride in all 50 states. We started calling it #50rides50states5 years, but that didn’t seem like a good website/blog name. So, we needed a name for this project and we needed one fast. So just like that- 2girls, 2bikes, 50states was born.

As we embark this journey so much will evolve. Stay tuned and enjoy!